Monday, March 21, 2011

Two Things You MUST Do Differently For This Race

We are so pleased that the New York City Department of Environmental Protection has allowed us to host this event on the Cannonsville Reservoir. It is a unique experience for paddlers and boaters and one we hope you enjoy.

But there are TWO important things you must do that are a little different from what you may usually experience when registering for, and participating in our race. Please read through carefully.

FIRST: You must obtain an access permit from the NYC DEP to be on the reservoir. This is an access permit for your person, so if you have a team entry, each person on your team must have their own access permit. Your access permit will have a number on it. You MUST have this number before you start the registration process on The good news is that it is FREE and EASY to get online. Just follow this link.

SECOND: You must have your boat steam cleaned before race day. This process ensures that no invasive species or slimy things attached to your boat from elsewhere will release themselves in the pristine waters of the Cannonsville. There are five authorized boat cleansing stations around the reservoir. All boats must be cleaned prior to race day and stored at the transition area at the Patterson Boat Launch. NYC DEP will patrol the launch sites and our local police and retired police will be stationed at the launch area all day and overnight. The cleansing is FREE for racers. A tag will be affixed to your boat that will authorized it to be on the reservoir. You should call the cleansing station of your choice and make an appointment for the Friday or Saturday before the race. As there will be 300 boats being cleaning over these two days and the process takes about 20 minutes per boat, having an appointment and sticking to that appointment will be an extremely important planning element for racers and your sole responsibility. Cleansing stations are listed on the attached PDF as well as on the Google Race Map. They will be open for extended hours to accommodate racers.

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