CAT Race Rules


1) Everyone needs a DEP Access Permit. They are FREE and can easily be acquired here...

2) All boats must be steam cleaned before the race by an official DEP cleanser in order to be allowed on the reservoir. Here is the link for the certified cleansers...

3) Canoes must be at least 11'5" in length. Kayaks must be at least 9' in length.

4) PFD's must be worn.

5) Due to the course layout, the 10k run will be about 6.5 miles. The runners will exit the main road, go down the 15 foot wide hard packed trail and head toward the canoe start area. They will pass the bike transition area on the left.

6) There is a timing mat before the canoe start area. This will record your run time and start your canoe time. All relay transitions will be made after this timing mat.

7) Upon finishing the canoe segment, you will again cross the timing mat, which will record you canoe segment time. Your canoe to bike transition time will start here.

8) Bike transition: you will exit the bike transition area and head up the hard packed trail on foot to the paved road. You will cross a timing mat on foot, then cross the bike mount line. At this point, you can mount your bike and proceed to the finish. This timing mat starts your bike segment timing.

9) Bike finish: There will be signs and volunteers notifying the bikers to slow down as they approach the finish line. A full stop dismount is required before the dismount line. Violations of this will result in a time penalty.

10) There is a bike dismount line before the finish for participant and spectator safety. Due to this event having a bike finish, we cannot have the finish area crowded with bikes. The safe solution is to have a dismount line.

11) After dismounting the bike, the athletes will walk or run with their bike to the finish line timing mat.

12) Athletes must continue through the finish chute and not clog the finish line area. We realize you will be tired and will have expended a lot of energy, but please continue through the chute, even at a very slow pace. This will make the finish line safe for everyone.

13) Results will include run, canoe, canoe to bike transition, and bike segment splits, as well as overall and age group placement. Results will be posted on and

14) If you have any timing questions, please email