Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Paddle Leg / Transition Area - Things To Know

Participant classes have also been broken down by boat classes. Boat classes have been broken down into a simple system based on the overall length of the boat. This classification system is to make the paddle leg as fair and as simple for everyone. It in no way speaks to the complexity of paddle craft and the nuances in hull design but it offers some fairness in that world of complexity.

Due to the size of our launch area, the number of boats and the sensitivity of the waters edge at the reservoir we will have volunteers to assist, if needed and or wanted, for carrying, launching and landing boats. Please keep in mind we have limited resources and volunteers may NOT be available at your time of entry into the paddle area. This may include a short wait for help if help is needed and or wanted. Your times will not be adjusted for any wait in the paddle area and any protests will be denied due to a wait in the paddle area.

Helpful Hints for paddle leg:
Lighter, skinnier and longer kayaks/canoes are faster.
Shorter, wider and heavier boats are slower.
First Come first served means first registered racers will get better spots in the paddle transition area. Register early.
Practice your paddling. Be familiar with your boat, with proper stroke technique and self rescues.

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